Egnos benefits

EGNOS performances are able to match most of the maritime requirements. EGNOS brings to the maritime community some benefits. First of all, satellite navigation EGNOS has a wide area coverage compared to regional other solutions and thus can be piggy backed onto existing ground based Differential GPS and bundle of services such as the Automatic Identification System. This will enable even better accuracies as presently and integrity. With the advent of Galileo, the solution (D) GPS, Galileo and EGNOS will provide better availability in certain configurations such as river canyons, canals and mountains because more satellites will be in view.

Satellite Based Augmentation systems, such as EGNOS, will be able to improve Search and Rescue operations due to the return link with the distressed user. The user will be able to know that the rescue team has identified his location.

Furthermore, the EGNOS solution is the ideal candidate for intermodal navigation of goods, containers, trucks when switching to different modes of transport: maritime, road, rail, etc.