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January 2013

ESSP, short-listed for the Jane's ATC Awards 2013

The EGNOS Safety-of- Life Service for Aviation provided by ESSP has been nominated within the category European ATM Award in the IHS Jane’s ATC Awards 2013.

Award winners will be announced on 11th February 2013 at the CANSO ATM Dinner, held at the Melia Castilla hotel in Madrid, the day before the inaugural World ATM Congress (12 – 14 February), operated by CANSO in association with ATCA.

This nomination is a new recognition to the outstanding work carried out by ESSP in the kick off and development of this EGNOS service for the Aviation domain.

December 2012

First  LPV procedure published in Italy at Milano-Linate

Milano-Linate Airport

Last May 16th, ESSP President, Mr. Dirk Werquin, and ENAV CEO, Mr. Massimo Garbini, officially signed an EGNOS Working Agreement as the first step for the implementation of EGNOS-based approach procedures at Italian airports.


And it is now, December 13th, when the first approach procedure based on EGNOS has been published in Italy at Milano Linate Airport. Milano Linate is the first Italian airport where the benefits provided by the EGNOS technology can be experienced by operators, others will follow shortly in 2013 in line with the Italian PBN implementation plan.    


LPV approach procedures offer enhanced vertical guidance improving safety, accessibility and efficiency to operators, pilots and airports. EGNOS provides a cost effective alternative to ILS CAT I, offering similar performance without the need for infrastructure installation and maintenance, and it is free!


“The use of EGNOS for LPV approach procedures is already a reality in Europe” Mr. Werquin said, “and we, as the EGNOS Service provider, are proud that Italy has also start to benefit from the EGNOS service, as done in other European countries as France, Switzerland, Germany and the state of Guernsey (UK)”.


In words of Mr. Garbini “13 December 2012 is an important date for ENAV:  the LPV approach procedure supported by EGNOS in Milano Linate  airport confirms that the vision ENAV had more than 15 years ago on the new ANS scenarios was correct and the strong effort invested by the Company in the promising satellite technologies was and is well addressed”.





November 2012

SHERPA “Safety Case” Workshop in Istanbul

The third SHERPA Workshop took place last 13th November at Atatürk Airport in Istanbul (Turkey). DHMI (General Directorate of State Airports Authority) as Turkish Air Navigation Services Provider (ANSP) and TAV (Tepe-Akfen-Ventures) as Airport Terminals Operator offered Ali Sürmen Meeting Hall of TAV premises as an excellent scenario to celebrate this event regarding “Safety Case” issues on EGNOS based operations, in particular LPV approach procedures.


A wide audience attended this meeting:  all SHERPA partners, external experts from DSNA and Aena and two invited ANSPs from Eastern European countries (Lithuania and Latvia).


The Workshop was intended to draw up the main concepts regarding safety aspects of LPV implementation: Eurocontrol SAM Methodology, lessons learnt from previous experiences in different States (France/Spain/Poland), SESAR WP 05.06.03 APV activities and EGNOS safety related aspects.


ESSP and PILDO Labs, as project coordinator and Workshop technical leader respectively, want to emphasize the high added value of the contents presented and in particular the ones provided by the safety experts of DSNA and Aena based on their expertise in this topic. The event’s goals were totally achieved as most participants expressed at the end.


Finally, it should also be mentioned the excellent coordination and support of DHMI and TAV in holding this Workshop, which eased the event´s development.



October 2012

Germany starts EGNOS LPV procedures publication

The German Airport of Braunschweig-Wolfsburg has been the first one in this country to publish EGNOS LPV procedures (two new procedures).


Let’s remember that from December 15th 2011, aircraft may fly approach procedures with vertical guidance provided by EGNOS at 38 airports in Germany (mainly APV-Baro procedures).

Permission to use EGNOS in Germany has been granted by the Federal Supervisory Authority for Air Navigation Services (BAF).


Germany is the 4th country in Europe publishing EGNOS LPV procedures (after France, Switzerland and the State of Guernsey in the Channel Islands).


September 2012

SHERPA “APV Procedures Design” Workshop in Tallinn

A second SHERPA Workshop regarding “APV Procedures Design” was successfully held in Tallinn (Estonia) last Thursday, 13th September 2012 at EANS (Estonian Air Navigation Services) headquarters. The European GNSS Agency (GSA), the whole SHERPA consortium and representatives of two external ANSPs (Latvia and Austria) attended the event.


The goals of the Workshop were to provide initial guidance to the attendees from National Implementation Teams in APV Procedure Design in the following areas:



  • - APV/LPV concept.
  • - ICAO PANS-OPS LPV affected chapters  (design criteria, database coding issues, obstacle evaluation and protection areas, data accuracy, charting, Channel Number assignation ...).
  • - Lessons learnt from previous projects, regarding limitations on database coding (i.e. discrepancies between PANS-OPS and ARINC 424 database standard).
  • - Specific issues to be addressed regarding data quality assurance.
  • - Overview of LPV procedure testing methodology.


Thanks to the good level of technical contents presented, high and valuable degree of participation during the meeting and EANS’s hospitality (as the hosting company), these goals were fully achieved. The Workshop fits perfectly in the project timeline and its outcomes can be used as a guidance to go through the coming technical work packages activities.


July 2012

EGNOS Helpdesk available 24H/7D

The EGNOS helpdesk managed by ESSP was designed to provide EGNOS users with a direct point of contact to ask for any question related to the EGNOS services (Open Service, Safety-of-Life Service and the EGNOS Data Access Service -EDAS), the EGNOS system, its performances and applications. Up to now, users could only contact the EGNOS Helpdesk through a dedicated e-mail address (


Since July 26th, the EGNOS Helpdesk has been reinforced with the extension of the operating hours and the accessibility by phone.  Hence, the EGNOS Helpdesk now operates 365 days per year on a 24 hours basis (operating language is English), available by phone (+34 911 236 555) or e-mail (


With the above changes, ESSP continues improving its support services towards the EGNOS user community.

Among EGNOS users, the EDAS ones will take even more benefit from the enhanced EGNOS Helpdesk since they will now be able to get quick feedback about the EDAS service status, in case they experience any connectivity issue when trying to access EDAS data.