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September 2013

ESSP and HIAL sign an EGNOS Working Agreement

Barra airport

ESSP and HIAL (Highland and Islands Airports Limited) have just signed an EGNOS Working Agreement (EWA) as a key step for the implementation of EGNOS-based approach procedures (LPV procedures) at 11 Scottish airports.



The signature was sealed last September 13th by ESSP President Dirk Werquin and HIAL‘s Managing Director, Inglis Lyon.


From now on, HIAL can publish EGNOS-based procedures that will improve safety, accessibility and efficiency to pilots and operators at the 11 local airports managed by them: Barra, Benbecula, Campbeltown, Dundee, Islay, Inverness, Kirkwall, Stornoway, Sumburgh, Tiree and Wick.



EGNOS provides a cost effective alternative to ILS CAT I, offering similar performance, and it is free!


“The use of EGNOS for LPV approach procedures is already a reality in Europe” Mr. Werquin said, “and we, as the EGNOS Service provider, are proud that HIAL airports will start to benefit from the EGNOS service, as is being done in other European countries with EWA signed”.


In the same framework, HIAL has been part of the project ACCEPTA  - ACCceleration of the EGNOS adopTion in the Aviation sector.  Jointly with HIAL, Scottish operator Loganair is also part of this project managed by the GSA (European GNSS Agency), getting its fleet equipped with EGNOS enabled receivers.  The HIAL airports involved in the project, and the first ones foreseen to publish these kind of procedures, are Barra, Benbecula and Campbeltown.

July 2013

New SoL Service Definition Document Published!

The EC has released a new version of the EGNOS Safety of life Service Definition Document (SoL SDD) updating the previous one from 2011.



The Service Definition Document presents the characteristics and terms and condition of use of the services offered to users by the EGNOS Safety of Life (SoL).


The EGNOS Safety of Life (SoL) Service is provided openly and is freely accessible without any direct charge, and is tailored to safety-critical transport applications in various domains, in particular for aviation applications.


The major improvement of this new SDD is the enlargement of the EGNOS service area, as shown in the map for the APV-I availability.

June 26th

ESSP wins new EGNOS Service Provision Contract

Carlo des Dorides, from GSA, VP Tajani, Dirk Werquin from ESSP



GSA, the European Union Agency in charge of the different European GNSS programmes, has announced the award of the new ESP (EGNOS Service Provision) Contract to ESSP, the European Satellite Services Provider. ESSP is the current EGNOS Service Provider since 2009, delivering the service in excellence under contract with the European Commission till 31 December 2013.



The new contract will cover the period 2014-2021 (inclusive).


Today GSA Director Carlo des Dorides and ESSP President Dirk Werquin have signed the 8-year Contract at the EC premises, sealing the agreement between the two parties. The signature took place at EC Vice President Antonio Tajani’s office, who is in charge of Industry & Entrepreneurship affairs, including the different GNSS programs (EGNOS and GALILEO among others).



The selection of ESSP is the result from the open Tender GSA/NP/09/12, in which technical and financial criteria determined that ESSP proposal offers the highest value for money for the future EGNOS Service users, while ensuring a seamless transition into 2014. Another key element to win the ESP contract has been the link as strategic subcontractor with Telespazio, one of Europe’s leading companies in satellite services.

This new contract is recognition of our commitment to excellence” ESSP President Dirk Werquin said “and we will continue in the same path for the years to come”.



The ESSP is committed to the following main objectives in the course of the new ESP Contract:

  • the EGNOS signal and data provision for Open Service (OS) and Safety- of- Life Service (SoL) as well as the provision of the EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service)
  • EGNOS Service Provision, Operations and maintenance (including infrastructure evolution and deployment).
  • the support to the GSA in promoting the use of EGNOS services within the different domains of application (Aviation, Rail, Road, Maritime, etc).




Anne Lambert of NATS, who is Chair of ESSP’s Board of Directors, said: “This award reflects the commitment and professionalism of all the staff of ESSP who have worked so hard to make EGNOS a success”.


EGNOS Service Provision Workshop 2013

Prague July 3-4


GSA; Ministry of Transport; ESSP; EC

ESSP organizes as every year the Annual meeting for EGNOS stakeholders to get together and learn about latest news, projects and improvements on the EGNOS services.


A two-day event that serves as a milestone in the EGNOS service provision, where users, manufacturers, industry, institutions and regulators can get together and exchange information.


The event was hosted this year by the Czech Ministry of Transport in Prague. This impressive venue welcomed more than 150 participants. First day was devoted to show latest EGNOS performances, to explain the different EGNOS services roadmaps and to focus on the EGNOS implementation in the field of Aviation. ANSPs, ATCs, pilots, regulators, avionics manufacturers, shared their experiences on the EGNOS Safety-of-Life service for Aviation.



The Workshop was opened by Dr. Václav Kobera; Director of Space Technologies and Satellite Systems Department from the Czech Ministry of Transport. A welcome Introduction was done afterwards by Carlo des Dorides, GSA Executive Director; and Charles Villié, EGNOS Program Manager from the European Commission.


This Annual meeting was also used as an opportunity to award with a Recognition Diploma to those ANSP with an EWA - EGNOS Working Agreement -signed, which is the case of the Czech ANS RP, and to those ANSP which are close to do so, as the Portuguese NAV P.



Day 2 was conceived as an EDAS User Forum, with different companies presenting EDAS applications. EDAS is the third EGNOS service available to users, and its penetration in the GNSS market is growing quite fast.


The second part of the day was focused on EGNOS uses in other fields than Aviation, as Road, Rail, Maritime, Agriculture or Mapping. The GSA (European GNSS Agency, based in Prague) presented as well the EGNOS market status and opportunities. This presentation was followed by practical examples of EGNOS use in multimodal domains: maritime (Ariadna Project); rail (INECO and ANSALDO); transport and logistics (TELESPAZIO); precision agriculture (TOPCON); and road (THALES).


The Workshop was also the perfect frame to celebrate the award of the new ESP  (EGNOS Service Provision) 8-year Contract to the ESSP with the different EGNOS stakeholders present in the event.


We would like to thank all attendees for their participation;  as well as the different speakers for their valuable contribution.



Take a look at the Workshop Presentations:


Presentations Day 1

Presentations Day 2 (I)

Presentations Day 2 (II)


MEDUSA call for ideas

MEDUSA is the Euromed GNSS II project, funded by European Commission and coordinated by Telespazio, and aimed at exploiting the E-GNSS in the Euromed area.


In parallel with the development of the infrastructures necessary for the E-GNSS availability in the Euromed area, MEDUSA prepares the Euromed countries towards the optimal use and adoption of the relevant provided services in civil aviation and other transport and non-transport domains, by implementing a series of actions focused on EGNOS also in the perspective of Galileo.


Among various support and cooperation actions (such as the organization of national workshops, the deployment of two EGNOS Service demonstrations in civil aviation and multimodal freights transport/logistics and related promotion events, implementing specific technical assistance), MEDUSA is also setting up a long term cooperation and operation structure named GEMCO (Galileo EuroMed Cooperation Office), with an associated Work Plan ensuring the proper regional participation of the beneficiary countries.


Located in Tunis (Tunisia) and operated by MEDUSA, GEMCO acts as a point of reference for all Euromed countries and towards Europe, and through GEMCO, MEDUSA fosters initiatives related to E-GNSS in the Euromed region.


The official start-up of GEMCO is planned on 23 October 2013 through a public workshop.

To support the preparation of GEMCO’s Work Plan presently under elaboration, MEDUSA has launched a call for ideas.

All stakeholders from public and private entities of all Euromed countries are invited to apply to MEDUSA’s call for ideas. The received ideas will be considered to feed the GEMCO’s Work Plan that will be presented in the occasion of the GEMCO start-up workshop in October.


More detailed information on MEDUSA and on the instructions to participate is available at


The deadline for submitting the ideas is 25 August 2013.