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September 10, 2020

ESSP joins Forética & Agil’T

In the frame of its CSR Policy, ESSP has decided to join Forética and Agil’T. 

The agreements with Forética and Agil’T were possible because ESSP has implemented a certain amount of CSR actions in the past two years in the frame of : Quality of Working life, Sustainable Development, Employment and local Development and Loyalty of practices

In both agreements, ESSP went through a selection process to see if it was eligible (assessment of ESSP CSR Action Plan).

By signing these agreements, ESSP is getting support from both organizations to develop and implement CSR actions in both locations: Madrid and Toulouse.

Forética is the leading organization in sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Its mission is to integrate social, environmental and good governance aspects in the strategy and management of companies and organizations.

AGIL’T (Agir Local Toulouse) is a free operation launched in 2014 by Toulouse Métropole, and local business associations. AGIL’T is a commitment charter which helps volunteer companies to implement an action plan integrating the challenges of Sustainable Development into their approach of Social Responsibility. About fifty companies have already volunteered.

By creating a partnership with Forética and signed the Agil’T Charter, ESSP wishes to develop its CSR policy in Spain and in France by adopting a sustainable development and continuous improvement approach. 

Also, it will allow ESSP to have access to CSR information related to new regulations or to exchanges on good practices that are already in place in other companies through its participation to meetings, webinars, and special events organized by Forética and Agil’T.