Interested in a career at the ESSP?

At the ESSP we are proud to have an excellent team of young professionals who constantly find opportunities to take on new challenges. Job opportunities in the fields of engineering, finance, services promotion etc. may arise in our offices in Toulouse and Madrid.

Join us, and take part in a diverse and promising team, with top professionals in a respectful and collaborative environment. We bring added-value to many markets, including aviation, maritime and location-based services. We are sure you can help us do more! Apply to our job vacancies and get started delivering precise and safe satellite positioning services.

Current Vacancies

GNSS Systems and Architecture Expert (F/M)

GNSS Systems and Architecture Expert’s main responsibilities:

- To support ESSP customer in EGNOS V3 project related tasks and related milestones and deliveries.

- To perform EGNOS V3 system/architecture related analyses. 

- To support infrastructure requirements analyses

- To support infrastructure development/deployment/validation tasks. 

- To provide expert support in GNSS performance/system related tasks.

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GNSS Infrastructure & Cybersecurity Expert (F/M)

GNSS Infrastructure and Cybersecurity Expert’s main responsibilities:

- To support ESSP customer in EGNOS V3 project related tasks and related milestones and deliveries.

- To perform GNSS system infrastructure/architecture related analyses. 

- To provide expert support in cybersecurity elements including but not limited to:

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Mission Performance & Space Weather Engineer (M/F)

Operation of Mission Performance Tools to execute data processing with the aim of predicting, monitoring, doing a first analysis and reporting EGNOS Mission performance. Support to activities related to understand and mitigate the effect of space Weather events in the performance observed by the EGNOS users.

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GNSS Receiver & Data Analysis Expert (M/F)

Monitoring, analysing and reporting of GNSS performances using receivers in dynamic campaigns and in the GNSS receiver platform. Follow-up and analysis of GNSS standards evolutions.

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Evolutions Engineer (M/F)

The Evolutions Engineer is in charge of the follow-up of the activities related to the evolutions of the EGNOS system (participation in the activities such as process evaluation of call for tenders, architecture and design qualification reviews, follow-up of support activities for clients and production of the obsolescence management plan).

The Evolution Engineer is also responsible for the definition and the maintenance of the EGNOS system releases planning for the ESSP.

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System Monitoring & CPF Engineer (M/F)

Report directly to the System Coordinator, the System Monitoring & CPF Engineer is responsible for performing a part of the supervision and reporting activities on the performances of the EGNOS System and a part of the technical expertise on the CPF sub-system (Central Processing Facility).

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Technical Security Engineer (M/F)

Being part of the Security Team and report directly to the Chief Security Officer, the Technical Security Engineer will be in charge of security engineering activities related the Security Department missions to the benefit of ESSP or its clients. 


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Operations Technician (M/F)

Report directly to the Operations Coordinator, the Operations Technician is responsible for short-term and mid-term coordination of EGNOS operations, by ensuring the production and the follow-up of EGNOS operations planning, the support to control centers, contributing to the ground segment configuration management, and the functional administration of the operations management tool.

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GNSS Space Weather Forecaster (M/F)

Report directly to the Operations Coordinator and functionally to the Space Weather Project Manager, the GNSS Space Weather forecaster is responsible for the continual analysis and monitoring of the Space Weather situation and for the issue of ICAO Space Weather advisories in case Space Weather events can impact GNSS.

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