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June 11, 2018

Korean media community enthusiastic about EGNOS achievements

An extensive delegation of media groups from Korea visited ESSP-SAS headquarters in Toulouse last May 30th to know first-hand how EGNOS works from space, and how its implementation affects us on a day-to-day basis.

The media representatives belonged to: KBS News, Korean Press Foundation, Hankookilbo, The Kyunghayand Shinmun, and Yonhap News, and although their names are not very well known to us, they represent important printed and audiovisual media in that country.

They were accompanied by the KARI (Korean Aerospace Research Institute) team and they were welcome by Thierry Racaud and Antoine Delaveleye as main contact points in our relations with this country.

As a result of the information that ESSP offered to them during their visit, KBS news TV channel has already broadcasted a video explaining how EGNOS implementation reduces positioning errors.

Enjoy it!