50_Systems Engineering Expert

Systems Engineering Expert – F/M

November 29, 2023

By joining us, you will be involved in the daily operation, maintenance and evolution of the systems used for the EDAS, NOTAM and MSI services provision and other data services that may be provided by ESSP in the future.

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mission performance expert

Mission Performance Expert – F/M

November 23, 2023

By joining us, you will ensure the detailed analysis, trending and reporting of the mission performances in order to assess the compliance with the mission requirements, to define new service areas and to detect performance degradations identifying the cause of the problem, the mitigation actions and solutions.

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gnss software x2

GNSS Software Engineer - F/M (x2 positions)

November 23, 2023

By joining us, you will support the steady and fluid operation of the Team by means of checking the correct working of all performance tools, developing new softwares or supporting the development and acceptance of the new performance tools.

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Security compliance

Security Compliance Expert – F/M

November 15, 2023

By joining us, you will be responsible for maintaining ESSP's compliance with security requirements, whether relating to the company management system, standards (ISO 27001) or evolutions in the legal or regulatory framework (Ministries, EASA or other).

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46_EGNOS Support Segment Service Manager

EGNOS Support Segment Service Manager – F/M

November 10, 2023

You will be integrated into the EGNOS operations coordination team, at the heart of the operations of one of the European Union's major space systems.

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IT User Support

IT (Information Technology) User Support – F/M

October 19, 2023

By joining us, you will provide support to users of IT tools used by ESSP (own Information System and cloud services), to ensure the day to day management of ESSP IT Operations and to manage locally IT topics in Madrid.

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Satellite Communication Development Engineer

Satellite Communication Development Engineer– F/M

September 28, 2023

By joining us, you will provide ESSP support with the Service Development activities in the on-going CNS (Communication, Navigation Surveillance) contracts and/or space-based projects and activities linked to CNS Services.

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43_Satellite Communication Development Expert

Satellite Communication Development Expert – F/M

September 28, 2023

By joining us, you will lead ESSP technical activities focused on Service Development in the on-going CNS (Communication, Navigation, Surveillance) contracts and/or space-based projects (i.e.: Satellite Communications/IRIS, Surveillance/Eurialo and others linked to CNS Services).

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