July 10, 2017

Design & Evolution Safety Engineer (M/F)

Report directly to the Safety Responsible, the Design & Evolution Safety Engineer will follow-up and master the EGNOS design and its evolutions, as Representative of the Safety.

Design & Evolution Safety Engineer’s main responsibilities

► The Design & Evolution Safety Engineer is the Safety referent of the CMU Department for what concerns design aspects, on deployed and future EGNOS versions. As such, the Design & Evolution Safety Engineer participates to Design Reviews at System level (and Sub-System level when necessary), for EGNOS V2 and EGNOS V3 programs, with following responsibilities:  

• Analyse data-packages (system and sub-systems) and raise formal RIDS (Read Item Discrepancy Sheet);

• Follow-up the processing of RIDS until their final disposition;  

• Participate to Safety Panel for System level Milestones; 

• Ensure cooperation & coordination with Prime Industry for Sub-system level ones, when necessary;  

► The Design & Evolution Safety Engineer can also be involved in the production and validation of the Service Provider Requirement Document, Statements Of Work (dossiers produced by the EGNOS Service Provider, gathering its own specifications for future EGNOS versions).

► The Design & Evolution Safety Engineer will also attend some EGNOS Boards relating to System Engineering, Management of Anomalies and Safety: 

- EGNOS V2 Engineering-Board: chaired by the GSA (European GNSS Agency), instructs some key technical problematics in design, operations and EGNOS Service provision domains; 

- NC Boards (Non Conformance Board) with Industry Prime;

- OR Board (Observation Review Board) within ESSP, ensuring technical processing of Observations (anomalies);

- AR Boards (Anomaly Review Board)-on request-: chaired by the Design Authority (GSA, European GNSS Agency), monthly monitoring of the progress status of  Observations;

- Participation to SQM (Safety Quarterly Meetings), Safety forum involving ESA (European Space Agency, Chairman), GSA, Prime Industry and the EGNOS Service Provider.

► As design referent of the Safety Activity of CMU, the Design & Evolution Safety Engineer is also in charge to: 

- Ensure support in the production and validation of the Safety-Case Dossier of Changes (including ‘Open Issues-Core document’), as far as design aspects are concerned. In that frame, she/he will also ensure that all necessary inputs to the Safety-Case Dossier are available and relevant (creation and processing of RIDS in particular).

- Daily interface with the ESSP Operation Safety Engineer, ensuring a support for the analysis of Observations (OR), the production of Safety Analyses (Human Dependability Analysis, specific Risk assessments) when design considerations are needed.

- Produce Safety Incident Reports.

- Support some technical exchanges with Competent Authorities (EASA, European Aviation Safety Agency).

- Contribute to the REX process (Retour d’EXpérience, process managing use of in-the-field data in design dossiers).


Generic Skills:

- Good English level (B1-B2) – CECRL

- Interpersonal skills 

- Autonomous

Specific Skills:

- Technical skills in GNSS domain, ideally on the EGNOS system

- Specialization in Dependability/RAMS

- Experience of RAMS activities in a design/development context

- Experience in development of complex systems (system engineering)

- Knowledge of applicable Air Navigation Regulation (EC No 1034 and 1035/2011 especially)

Job features:

Available for occasional trips, mainly in Europe

Engineering degree or equivalent

Experience of at least 3 years in Safety of complex systems

Experience of of at least 3 years  in design/development activities at system level, ideally in GNSS domain, else space or aeronautical

Experience in projects in an international context (European)

Please send your application file only by e-mail to the following address:

Job Location: Toulouse (France)

Document: Download