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June 24, 2021

GNSS Performance Expert - F/M

ESSP, a young, dynamic French company open to the world, is looking for a GNSS Performance Expert for a permanent contract in Toulouse.

We form a highly skilled team. Our employees come from different backgrounds and disciplines, from aeronautics to space, through engineering and telecommunications. This allows the company great flexibility to adapt to new needs and challenges.

We are eager to provide the best quality services through safe and efficient operations and management systems. We are expanding and always on the lookout for new talent.

To find out more about us, we invite you to visit our website:

If you are rigorous, autonomous, with a good level of English and have at least 5 years of experience on the EGNOS system and/or in the field of SBAS/GNSS, then this position is for you!

By joining us, you will ensure the monitoring and the analysis of EGNOS signal performances; contribute to the company performance technical activities and to the research and development.

Main responsibilities:

For the EGNOS performances activity analysis:

- The daily monitoring of the signal performances, and the characterisation of observed degradations;

- The detection, analysis and monitoring of anomalies;

- Carrying out the following performance engineering activities:

o Development of indicators supporting the characterisation of EGNOS performances,
o Improvement proposals of algorithms related to monitoring and analysis performance tools,
o Coordination of tasks on some dossier and technical notes

- Preparation and participation to a working group composed of SBAS performance experts from ESSP and the industry;

- Provision of technical support to formal reviews as well as the participation to Boards and meetings, when topics related to EGNOS performance and to SBAS standardisation are treated.

You will be the point of contact for the expertise in the field of the EGNOS signal and of the system performances.

For the research and development and the company performance technical activities:

- Contribution to the analysis of the observed scientific phenomenons and to the research and development activities, in particular in the ionospheric perturbation domain;

- Having knowledge in the ionospheric phenomenon, contribution to project and activities on Space Weather;

- Contribution to technical studies in the area of SBAS performance;

- Production of papers and presentation of some of them in the frame of scientific symposiums.


Generic Skills:

 Strong autonomy and rigor
 Team worker and good coordinator
 Spirit of initiative and synthesis skills
 Technical leadership and ability to assume responsibilities
 High level of English (minimum B2) - CEFR

Specific Skills:

 Very deep knowledge of EGNOS and SBAS systems (expertise necessary on EGNOS system
performances) including the algorithms of SBAS corrections of the System
 Knowledge of SBAS systems performance monitoring tools is highly desired (EGNOS V2 tools: OAT,
 Good knowledge of space or aeronautical systems operations in general.
 Organisation and coordination.

Job Requirements:

 Subject to the constraints of minimum presence during normal holiday periods (July/August,
Christmas, February, Easter).
 Available for on-call duty during weekends and public holidays (daytime work) to ensure the Space
Weather service and may be subject to occasional standby duties (weekend and/or night) according to
ESSP procedures in force.
 Available for work starting on 06h UTC for supporting ACFJ (Australia-Canada-France-Japan)
Consortium internal handover in the frame of Space Weather project.
 Available for some travels.

Engineering degree or equivalent.

Experience and expertise of at least 5 years on EGNOS system and in the SBAS/GNSS domain.

Experience in projects in an international context (European).

Please send your application file only by e-mail to the following address:

Job Location: Toulouse (France)

Type of Contract: Full time/Permanent contract

PDF: DownlGNSS Performance Expert _ESSP websiteoad

ESSP is committed to cultural diversity, gender equality and the employment of disabled workers.