July 25, 2018

GNSS Receiver & Data Analysis Expert (M/F)

Monitoring, analysing and reporting of GNSS performances using receivers in dynamic campaigns and in the GNSS receiver platform. Follow-up and analysis of GNSS standards evolutions.

GNSS Receiver & Data Analysis Expert’s main responsibilities:

• To provide expert support to GSA for the standardization of EGNOS shipborne receivers (e.g. receiver guidelines) and on-the-field demonstrations of service at user level.

• To provide expert support to GSA for the adoption of EGNOS in different applications (agriculture, surveying, maritime) considering that the interface with users is the receiver.

• To participate in GNSS implementation projects, Consultancy Services and other activities involving collection and analysis of GNSS data via GNSS Receivers.

• To support activities within EGNOS Multimodal Adoption Plan.

• To Operate the GNSS receiver lab and perform the required activities in order to guarantee the processing of data and the analysis of receiver performances.

• Identification, assessment and notification of receiver performance anomalies.

• To coordinate and execute GNSS data measuring campaigns in different environments, making use of the GNSS Receiver Lab assets, including the definition of the measurement scenarios.

• To generate GNSS performance reports based on receiver data analysis and measurements, considering the different figures/values in terms of integrity, continuty, accuracy and availabilty.

• To perform local environment characterization campaigns including aspects such as multipath, RF interference and signal blockage due to obstacles.

• To install and configure GNSS receivers and associated equipment on-board different vehicles (e.g. bikes, drones, airplanes, vessels, trains) and platforms.

• To verify and validate GNSS receivers for different markets.

• To provide support to other activities related with the exploitation of GNSS Receiver Lab, standardization and EGNOS V2/V3 Mission evolution.

• To follow-up of GNSS standards evolutions and analysis of the changes, considering the potential impact in the EGNOS Service.

• To participate to workshops and conferences related to the activities mentioned above.


Generic Skills:

- Autonomy

- Ability to work in a team environment

- Good analysis and investigation skills 

- Anticipation and adaptability

- High level of English (B2-C1) – CECRL

 Specific Skills:

- Deep knowledge in GNSS receivers and data processing Experience working in international environments with EC/GSA/ESA

- Deep knowledge of EGNOS and GNSS technology

- Capacity to problem solving

- Have an acrid mind of analysis and synthesis

Job features:

Available for international travels.

Minimum 5 years of experience in satellite navigation (GNSS), including receivers, operation and analysis of GNSS performance

Engineering degree or equivalent

Please send your application file only by e-mail to the following address:  

Job Location: Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid (Spain)

Type of Contract: Full time/ Permanent contract

PDF: Download