February 12, 2018

GNSS Space Weather Forecaster (M/F)

Report directly to the Operations Coordinator and functionally to the Space Weather Project Manager, the GNSS Space Weather forecaster is responsible for the continual analysis and monitoring of the Space Weather situation and for the issue of ICAO Space Weather advisories in case Space Weather events can impact GNSS.

GNSS Space Weather Forecaster’s main responsibilities:

Continual analysis and monitoring of the Space Weather situation:

• Continual analysis of Space Weather products,

• Monitoring of nowcast performance.

• Forecast space weather:

o Monitoring and analysis of mid-term and long-term forecasts parameters and information,

o Monitoring of forecast performance.

• Communication of hazardous phenomena:

o Issue of ICAO Space Weather advisories based on automatic alerts raised by the Space Weather monitoring chain in accordance with relevant procedures (Main forecaster),

o Communication of relevant information to internal and external users (as per relevant procedures).

• Monitoring and analysis of Space Weather products quality.

• Identification of anomalies on the Space Weather monitoring chain.


Generic Skills:

- Strong autonomy and rigor

- Ability to assume responsibilities

- Shows initiative and is able to synthesize

- Good communication skills

- Good level of English (B1-B2) – CECRL

 Specific Skills:

- Very good knowledge of space weather and impact on GNSS

- Good technical knowledge of GNSS, and SBAS/ EGNOS system in particular

- Good knowledge of space systems operations 

- Experience in software tools to monitor GNSS performance

Job features:

Engineer Degree or equivalent or Technician with valuable experience in the domain.

Minimum 5 years of experience in Space meteorology, space and aeronautics domains.

Please send your application file only by e-mail to the following address:  

Job Location: Toulouse (France)

Type of contract: Full time/ Permanent Contract 

PDF: Download