Through Tunnel
December 21, 2016

Internship in Computer Engineering (M/F)

Study and achievement of monitor parameters models « sites » on EGNOS System stations.

Purpose of the Internship:

Setting up a tool for « Monitoring RIMS/NLES parameters on EGNOS sites»
The objective is to show in real time voltage, currents and internal/ external temperature parameters of RIMS equipment (atomic clocks, calculators A/B/C) and NLES equipment (Atomic clocks, calculators), on 44 distant sites around the world. The trainee will be part of the System Engineering Team within the Service Operation Unit department and supervised by the Network Engineer.

Computer Engineering trainee’s main duties:

Over a first phase, the Intern will:
Estimate the feasibility of the visualization software implementation « FlightWatching » © 2014 Flightwatching S.A.S, and also other tools( D3.js, chart.js, dygraphs.js, canvas.js, gnuplot …)
Set up with the Engineering Team User Interfaces specifications compatible with FlightWatching possibilities and other visualization software. He/she will work in collaboration with the team and could count on a team member of Flightwatching S.A.S development Team.

Over a second phase, the Supervisor will:
Create the project model which will be a software installed on a system provided and set up by ESSP with the help of Flightwatching S.A.S in ESSP premises (Linux UBUNTU). The « data presentation » part will be the responsibility of the visualization software (FlightWatching and/or other chosen software). He/she will set up or adapt software to obtain the expected results. The « data acquisition » will be based on SNMP V3 and provided by the Engineering Team.
The model will be able to be tested on validation and integration platforms and on the ASCET tool (System simulator created by ESSP).
Write the documents describing the final product. Write a memo describing the advantages and disadvantages of the use of the FlightWatching tool regarding other visualization software selected.


  • Spirit of initiative, organizational and editorial spirit
  • Ability to work in a team
  • Good command of programming (C++, JavaScript, …) and human machine interfaces
  • Good knowledge of Linux
  • Knowledge in networks would be a plus (TCP/IP and SNMP)

Job features:

Final year internship from 5 to 6 months.
Start date: February/ March 2017.

Please send your application file only by e-mail to the following address:

Internship Location: Toulouse (France)
Download: PDF