Mission Perfomance Space Weather
August 24, 2018

Mission Performance & Space Weather Engineer (M/F)

Operation of Mission Performance Tools to execute data processing with the aim of predicting, monitoring, doing a first analysis and reporting EGNOS Mission performance.  Support to activities related to understand and mitigate the effect of space Weather events in the performance observed by the EGNOS users.

Mission Performance & Space Weather’s main responsibilities:

Mission Performance main activities:

- Operate the Mission Performance tools and perform the required activities in order to guarantee the processing of EGNOS data and the monitoring of EGNOS performance.

- First identification, assessment and notification of performance anomalies.

- Participation in daily Service & Performance Monitoring Board (SPMB)

- Preparation of routine performance report such as the monthly public report. 

- Preparation of ad-hoc performance reports which are based mainly in direct ouputs of Mission performance tools.

- Coordinate with the relevant Service Provision Unit (SPU) experts in order to incorporate specific needs in his/her routine daily work.

- Collaborate in the elaboration of those performance reports in which a support to SPU experts is needed.

- Carry out the required activities to guarantee the support of the main EGNOS operations through the monitoring of the mission performance, namely during system deployments.

- Make the necessary analysis using the appropriate tools (mainly simulators) to assess the impact of planned and unplanned operations tasks in the mission performance and report it through the specified means (reports, website etc).

- Collaborate in maintenance tasks of the archive and the different performance tools of SPU.

- Feed the User Support Website with the required performance data.- Execute backup of data.

Space Weather main activities:

- Collect space weather users’ requirements for the specification of the space weather impact on aerospace systems.

- Design of EGNOS mitigation means  to inform EGNOS users of potential impacts due to space weather events.

- Perform a set of tests targeting space weather warning systems from the user’s point of view.

- Trace ionospheric disturbances into macromodels to feed an experimental software to simulate EGNOS user performance and generate EGNOS user performance forecasts.

- Characterize space weather events in terms of measurements and parameters.

- Coordinate with System Operations Unit /Engineering team to assess the traceability between EGNOS user performance and space weather events and define how to include this information in the daily identification, assessment and notification of performance anomalies.


Generic Skills:

• Ability to work in a team environment

• Good analysis and investigation skills

• Good English level (B1-B2)

Specific Skills:

• Anticipation and adaptability

• Team spirit and cooperation

• A very good capacity of analysis and synthesis

• Analyse, synthesise and format information from the measurement systems to deliver usable results

Job features:

Available for regular travels, especially in Europe.

Minimum two years of experience in satellite navigation (GNSS) and one year of experience in a field relevant to EGNOS Performance is an asset.

Engineering degree or equivalent

Please send your application file only by e-mail to the following address:  

Job Location: Torrejón de Ardoz, Madrid (Spain)

Type of Contract: Full time/ Permanent contract

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