Operational Products Engineer
October 06, 2017

Operational Products Engineer (M/F)

Operational Products Engineer’s main responsibilities:

• Maintenance and implementation of the management process of documentation media for EGNOS operations

o Implements the modifications to the operational concept whenever necessary, particularly during the commissioning of a new version of the EGNOS system. The operational products Engineer will be responsible for updating the ESSP operational concept and the operational products (documentary baselines Operation and maintenance);

o Configuration management of all operational documentation and delivery of these baselines to end users.

o Monitor the Observation Reports (OR) submitted by users of operational products. The correction of these OR may lead to modifications of the operational products;

o Participate in LEO (Library of the EGNOS Operations) document reviews as part of ESR delivery (EGNOS System Release)

o If necessary, the engineer will draft TOI (Temporary Operational Instruction) to work around system malfunctions or to correct an implementation of the operational concept.

• Responsible for validation activities of operational products to ensure that the products are operable (usable by the operators of a control centre in accordance with their contractual obligations). This activity will involve various ESSP players for carrying out the activities of practical tests.

• Perform the qualification of operators. The operational product engineer shall be responsible for:

o Planning the tests

o Coordinating the performance of these tests with the operations coordination teams, the control centres and the EGNOS sub-system hosts

o Perform the tests using the means placed at his disposal

o Draft and send the test reports to the Qualification Coordinator

• Provide support to the operational training engineer. This support will consist of:

o An overview and detailed explanation of the proposed modifications to baselines (correction of OR or modification of the operational concept) to anticipate if necessary their presentation through training

o In case of occasional overload or absence of the latter, should be capable of drafting a simple training module for the correction of OR or setting up an operational workaround.


Generic Skills:

• Ability to work in team

• Spirit of initiative and synthesis

• Ability to express himself freely in public

• Good level of English (B1-B2) – CECRL

Specific Skills:

• Good knowledge of SBAS systems and EGNOS operations in particular

• Past experience in the management of monitoring documentary modifications

• Basic knowledge of Italian and/or Spanish desirable

• Good knowledge of document management principles

• Skills in operating Microsoft software packages (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.).

Job features:

Available for (infrequent) travel in Europe

Subject exceptionally to constraints of minimum presence during normal vacation periods (July/August, Christmas, February, Easter).

Engineering degree or equivalent

Experience of at least 5 years in space or aeronautical sectors

Project experience in an international context (European)

Job Type: Permanent

Please send your application file only by e-mail to the following address:

Job Location: Toulouse (France)

PDF: Download