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New EGNOS user support website
April 15, 2015

EGNOS User Support Website refurbished!

The website has been completely redesigned and restructured to better fit user needs in the different market segments, improving at the same time its overall performance.

The EGNOS User Support website is the on-line channel managed by ESSP, the EGNOS Services Provider under contract with GSA, to interact with EGNOS users, giving access to the EGNOS Helpdesk 24/7 and to the EGNOS degradations notifications services, and offering different information such as forecast / real-time / historical EGNOS performance figures, implementation and adoption material and tools, as well as plenty of documentation related to the EGNOS system and services: EGNOS bulletins, Monthly Performance Reports; Service Notices; Service Definition Documents, etc.

It is also the registration point for EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) users and the portal where they can get information about EDAS services status and the complete documentation and SW package required to connect once they are registered.

Currently there are more than 1200 registered users at the EGNOS User Support Website.

With a brand new image and increased usability, this website is adapted to the new times. This combination of enhanced functionality and usability will absolutely improve the web visitor's experience.

EGNOS User Support Website. Find the support you need!!