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Legal Notice and Privacy Statement

By entering the https://www.essp-sas.eu/ website (hereinafter the “Website”) every user (hereinafter the ”User”) agrees to all of the terms and conditions (hereinafter the “T&C”) as set out below.

All data and information (the “Data”) provided within the Website are for informational purposes only. The Website and its Data are prepared by ESSP and do not represent the official position of the European Union, the European GNSS Agency or any other international organization.




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European Satellite Services Provider S.A.S. (hereinafter « ESSP »)
3, rue Tarfaya - CS 84432
31405 Toulouse Cedex 4 - FRANCE
Registered in RCS Toulouse under number SIREN 508 275 286, having its share capital equal to EUR
999.996 with VAT number FR 32 508 275 286
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For any communication related to the Website:

European Satellite Services Provider S.A.S - ACC Center Madrid
Carretera de la Base Km 0,8
Recept: +34 91 627 8881
Fax: +34 91 627 8896
Email: communication[at]essp-sas.eu



Slurp & Cream S.L.
Cabañeros Street nº 10
45111 COBISA, Toledo - SPAIN
Email: slurp[at]crea.me



The Website is a copyright work and contains notably software programs, photos, pictures, graphics, interfaces, written content, videos that are fully owned by ESSP and/or for which ESSP has been authorized to use them.

The content shall not be used, copied, distributed or modified, on whatever form, without the prior written authorization of ESSP, nor shall any URL or hyperlink toward all or part of the Website be inserted without such prior written authorization. It shall come with the commitment of an absence of any adverse effect in any manner whatsoever on ESSP, its partners, its and their corporate image and/or its services, in particular EGNOS and its associate services, including, but not limited to, offense, xenophobic, racist, hateful, defamatory, revisionist, pornographic, pedophile, lewd conduct, political, proselyte content or prod for terrorism, crime, suicide and their apology or proposal to trade.

ESSP and its logo is a registered trademark. It shall not be used, copied, distributed or modified, in whatever form, without the prior written authorization of ESSP. The User is only granted with a right of digital display of such trademark on the Website.



Following the application of the Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016 (hereinafter referred to as “GDPR”), ESSP has updated the Section 4 of the Legal Notice on Personal Data and Privacy.

By applying to a job offer, I agree that my personal data are collected by ESSP solely for the purpose of the recruitment process and following the conditions detailed in Section 4 of the Legal Notice.

ESSP may collect technical data about the type of Internet browser and computer operating system used by the User. This information does not identify the User as an individual and is used only for tracking of Website use. ESSP might also place a ‘cookie’ on the User’s hard drive that will help identifying the User when the User will access the Website. For more information about Cookies please see hereunder paragraph 5.

No personal data of the User are collected through the Website, except regarding to the recruitment process when the User applies for a job offer published on the ESSP corporate Website. Personal data of the applicants are treated in compliance with the GDPR as well as any other applicable data protection laws. Personal Data of the applicants are kept by ESSP during the recruitment process of an open position. In any case, ESSP follows a strict policy of not selling, not trading or not transferring to a country without adequate level of protection, any personal or sensitive information about the Users. The User is also granted at any time with a right to object to the processing of his/her personal data, a right of access, rectification and deletion of his personal data by contacting ESSP’s Data Protection Officer:

3, rue Tarfaya - CS 84432
31405 Toulouse Cedex 4 - FRANCE
Recept: +33(0)5 61 28 19 54
Fax: +33(0)5 61 28 35 11
Email: personaldata.essp@essp-sas.eu

Any User shall have right of recourse at any time to the national authority competent for Personal Data protection for Personal Data processed by ESSP pursuant to this Section 4. In case of non-compliance from ESSP about personal data protection, you can contact the French regulatory authority “Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libertés”.



  1. What are cookies?
  2. Use of cookies on ESSP Website
  3. List of cookies
  4. Choice
    1. Opting-in
    2. Opting-out
    3. No selection
  5. Do not track option
  6. Google Analytics
a) What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that are placed on your computer by websites that you visit. They are widely used in order to make websites work more efficiently as well as to provide information to the owners of the site.

To facilitate the functioning of ESSP Website, ESSP may, subject to the Users’ consent, place small data files called cookies on your device.

Below you can find information on the choice to accept (“opt-in”) or refuse (“opt-out) the placement of cookies, the types of cookies used by ESSP Website and their purpose.

b) Use of cookies on ESSP Website

ESSP Website makes use of cookies to monitor Users sessions. No personal information is stored in the cookie that is issued by the Website. The value stored in the cookie is an anonymous identifier, which is not linked to any other personal information the User may give during its visit. If the User does not want to accept these cookies, the User can disable them in its internet browser settings. However, in such case, the User is aware that ESSP does not guarantee the good functionality of the Website and the services provided on it.

c) List of cookies
NameExpirationTracker TypePurpose DescriptionInitiator Source Domain
langSessionHTTP CookieRemember the language selected by a User with which to view a web pagecdn.syndication.twimg.com
_ga2 yearsHTTP CookieIt registers a unique identification that is used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the Website.www.google-analytics.com
_gatSessionHTTP CookieUsed by Google Analytics to control the request ratewww.google-analytics.com
_gidSessionHTTP CookieIt registers a unique identification that is used to generate statistical data about how the visitor uses the Website.www.google-analytics.com
collectSessionPixel TrackerIt is used to send data to Google Analytics about the device and User behavior. Follow the User through devices and marketing channels.www.google-analytics.com
GPSSessionHTTP CookieRegisters a unique identification on mobile devices to allow tracking according to geographical location by GPS.youtube.com
PREF1 yearHTTP CookieRegister a unique ID that Google uses to keep statistics on how the visitor uses YouTube videos on different websites.youtube.com
VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE6 monthsHTTP CookieTry to calculate the User's bandwidth on pages with integrated YouTube videos.youtube.com
YSCSessionHTTP CookieRegister a unique identification to keep statistics of what YouTube videos the User has seen.youtube.com
cookie_consent365 daysHTTP CookieStores the User's cookie consent status for the current domainwww.essp-sas.eu
d) Choice

In case the User has opted-in to the placement of cookies, it is always possible to change this decision and opt-out. In order to opt-out, users need to click on “Manage cookies” button, disable undesired cookies/services and click on “Save”. Users who have opted-in and given the consent to the placement of cookies can see the “Manage cookies” button at the bottom of their screen within any landing of the ESSP Website.

i. Opting in

When the Website is first accessed, the User is provided with a choice to accept (“OK, I agree”) or refuse (“Decline cookies”) the placement of cookies.

Accept cookies: By clicking this option, the User gives specific consent to the placement of all the cookies in each of the following categories:

  • Optimal functioning of the Website
  • Embedded content
  • Collection of statistics
ii. Opting out

Decline cookies: By clicking this option, the User does not give consent to the placement of any of the abovementioned cookies. Choosing not to accept cookies does not hinder your navigation experience on the ESSP Website.

iii. No selection

No selection made: If a User neither accepts nor refuses cookies, the Website treats this as a refusal to the placement of cookies and all related functions are on hold until a selection is made. No cookies shall be placed on visitors’ devices, unless consent has been given by clicking on the “OK, I agree” option.

e) Do not track option

Do not Track is a technology that enables Users to opt out from being tracked by websites for whatever purpose, including the use of analytics services, advertising networks and social platforms. You can enable the 'Do not track' option directly in your web browser.

f) Google Analytics

ESSP Website uses Google Analytics in order to track the information of Users described above. For this purpose, the abovementioned data collected via cookies (if a user has opted to accept cookies) are transmitted to Google Inc. The IP addresses of Users are anonymised by ESSP Website prior to their transmission to Google Inc; this protects the anonymity of the Users that have opted for the full website functionalities. The transfer to non-EU countries happens only after anonymization.



The Website provides a link to EGNOS User Support Website. Please be aware that EGNOS User Support Website is governed by other terms and conditions which can be directly consulted in this Website.



ESSP disclaims all responsibilities and warranties of any kind (whether express or implied) to any User and/or for any use of the data including, but not limited to, their accuracy, integrity, reliability, completeness and fitness for a particular purpose or User requirements.

By using the data included in ESSP website, the User agrees that ESSP shall not be held liable for any direct or indirect or consequential loss or damage (such as loss of profits, business, contracts, anticipated savings, goodwill or revenue) resulting from the use, misuse or inability to use this Website and its data.

EGNOS is a complex technical system and the Users have certain obligations to exercise due care in using the EGNOS services. Before using any EGNOS service, the Users should study the corresponding EGNOS service definition document “SDD” (available on ESSP SAS website https://www.essp-sas.eu/ ) in order to understand if and how they can use the service, as well as to familiarize themselves with the performance level and other aspects of the service they can rely on, such as the specific associated disclaimer and terms of use. Use of an EGNOS service implies acceptance of its corresponding SDD specific terms and conditions of use, including liability.

This Website may contain links towards other websites, such as those of ESSP’s partners. ESSP is not responsible neither for the privacy practices nor for the content of those other websites. Access to said sites is at Users own risk.

The User is aware of inherent technical risks and difficulties of Internet and IT systems which are not related to ESSP and that may lead to:

  • Impossibility to access the Website, access slow-down, software or hardware incompatibilities;
  • Loss, misappropriation, contamination of data in particular due to virus or Trojans.

ESSP may not be held liable for such risks and difficulties and their consequences for the User.



ESSP is entitled to suspend, interrupt or modify all or part, of the Website, temporally or not, without prior notification and without incurring any liability whatsoever.

In case of definitive interruption, Website Users shall erase any copy of the Website or Website content they have.



The present T&C shall be subject to modification or evolution at any moment and without any notice. Any change of the T&C shall be fully in force and applicable to all Users as soon as the new T&C will be accessible on the Website. Thus the Users are advised to regularly access the T&C in order to be aware of the last updates.



This T&C shall be construed and governed under the French law with exclusive jurisdiction of Toulouse Courts.