GNSS Service Centre GSC

We participate in GSC infrastructure, operations and hosting services

GSC Infrastructure

The setting up of the GNSS Service Centre Infrastructure is dealt with in the GSC Infrastructure GSC INF contract. The main objective of this contract is to implement the design, development, deployment, acceptance, maintenance, warranty and support activities for the infrastructure of the GNSS Service Centre GSC located in Madrid, Spain.

  • Consortium: GMV, INDRA
  • Subcontractors: ESSP, ISDEFE
  • Customer: European GNSS Agency GSA
  • Duration of contract: 4 years

GSC Operations & Hosting Service Provider

The contract covering the operations and hosting services of the GNSS Service Centre, GSC OPS&HSP, have 2 main objectives:

  1. The setting up of GSC Operations & Maintenance for the Open Service OS and Commercial Service CS phases.
  2. The provision of GSC Hosting Services, which include:
  • The maintenance of buildings provided by the Hosting Entity
  • The running of the relevant services required to host the GSC facilities and operations teams.

GSC Operations

The consortium is responsible for:

  • the provision of operations and preparation for first-line maintenance services for the ground facilities deployed in the GSC
  • the preparation of all required operational products allocated to the Galileo provisions 
  • the operational validation of the GSC segment and procedures
  • a limited participation on CS testing activities.

GSC Hosting Services

The consortium covers the design, acceptance, delivery and preparation for operations of the Hosting Infrastructure and Services until the GSC Operation Readiness Review ORR. 

The current Hosting Service provision during the GSC Service provision Operation will be the subject of another Specific Contract to cover the Early Services until the end of 2016. 

  • Consortium: ESSP, INECO, INTA, ISDEFE
  • Customer: European GNSS Agency GSA
  • Type of contract: Framework
  • Duration of contract: 20 months from September 2014