Our projects span a range of transport domains including but not limited to aviation, maritime and rail

We are involved in many projects worldwide, offering top quality services, and providing great value to customers and collaborators.

International projects and partnerships are key to the ESSP, a company that provides a Pan European Navigation service and thus is continuously interfaced with end users in the delivery, monitoring, forecasting, enhancement and expansion of its service portfolio. Whilst maintaining the highest level of satisfaction of the European Stakeholders in particular the EUSPA, EC and ESA.

Our projects span a range of transport domain including but not limited to aviation, maritime and rail, promoting the development of multimodal applications. ESSP is also involved in EGNSS projects contributing to infrastructure development in terms of operations and validation activities expanding our brand as Pan-European certified company for Satellite Navigation. 

Our involvement in frameworks such as H2020, SESAR, ESA, INEA and EUSPA calls provides the commitment and the support needed to back the next wave of ambitious high growth businesses, technological leaps, and transportation and space services championed by the European Union. 

The ESSP has proved itself on these working grounds with recognized leadership, efficient coordination, as well as constructive partnership and collaboration. 

Europe, the Middle East, Africa or Korea, are only a few examples of the ESSPs international footprint, taking our Know-how, competence in EGNSS, resources and expertise wherever we can make the most difference. 

The ESSP is also aware that in the current scenario companies need to evolve towards an agile mindset to be able to answer to change rapidly whilst expanding the number of users and sectors with a seamless service; providing improvement and evolution to the same and expanding its opportunities.

We are driven by:

• The need to keep up to date with the changes that occur in the different transport domains (with special attention to aviation);

• The value of encouraging and opening new opportunities from synergies that can be translated among the different user domains the ESSP currently gives service too.

• The needs of users

• The commitment towards capacity building in E-GNSS and PBN;

• The value of partnership in European and International Fora

• Its capability to be ambassador for Europe’s EGNSS

• The engagement towards the enhancement of its services and the development of new, to be delivered to the various transport domains

Aviation Domain targeting Navigation and/or communication:




DLS European target solution assessment IP1

• Deployment of SBAS CAT-I capability on Airbus A320


Maritime domain


• SC24-Maritime Pilot Project

Railway domain




EGNOS V3 Test User Receiver

E-GNSS User Support (EGUS)

GNSS Service Centre Infrastructure (GSCINF) & operations (GSCOPS)