EGNOS Documentation

EGNOS Documentation

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“We are the EGNOS Service Provider”

EGNOS is Europe’s first venture into satellite navigation. The system augments the GPS L1 signal improving its availability, continuity, accuracy and integrity. These improvements on the GPS signal make the enhanced EGNOS signal suitable for transport navigation where human lives are at stake.

We are in charge of EGNOS system operations and maintenance from 2014 and until 2021.
That’s not all! Delivering the service implies much more:

  • Fostering adoption
    Because “EGNOS is there, use it.”
  • NOTAM proposals
    Our aviation users are well notified.
  • RxLab
    Receivers are tested and studied for standardisation.
  • User Support Service
    We can resolve your doubts and answer your questions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week.
  • Service development
    Improving is a must!
  • And of course, Service Definition and Reporting

We generate documentation for reporting the system status and performance. You can find all this regular documentation on the EGNOS User Support Website.
It includes: