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December 05, 2020

ESSP and Planète Urgence partnership for 2020

We would like to provide you some news related to ESSP / Planète Urgence partnership for 2020.

Reminder on the initial project

A partnership was signed in January 2020 to involve ESSP in 4 Solidarity Missions for its staff. Four members of ESSP Staff could have taken part of Solidarity Missions in the domain of actions of Planète Urgence:

  • Training actions in favour of adults
  • Educational support for children
  • Actions in favour of Sustainable Development

These missions are co-investments between the Employees / the Company and Planète Urgence (the 3 parties financially invest in these missions).

Change due to Covid-19

As you can imagine, this year was very difficult for all of us and especially for Planète Urgence. It was not possible to travel and by consequence it was impossible for Planète Urgence to mobilise people around the world.

Despite of these difficulties, ESSP has reaffirmed its will to maintain this partnership with Planète Urgence. To do so, the donation made by ESSP for 2020 has been transferred to a program of reforestation. And the decision was made early in November to provide this donation to a project in Cameroon:1€ = 1 tree

To find out more about this project, we invite you to click here!