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November 16, 2020

ESSP agreement with Red Cross France and Spain

In the frame of its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and in this particular context of sanitary crisis, ESSP has signed up an agreement with Cruz Roja and La Croix Rouge Française in October 2020, to make a financial donation to support this important entity in this difficult year for thousands of families given the declared pandemic.

That is why, ESSP has wanted to mainly guide this donation to social inclusion activities to provide support to people in vulnerable situations in France and Spain, countries where ESSP operates.

Both the French and Spanish Red Cross entities have the mission to prevent and alleviate all human suffering. Its vocation is to participate in the effort of protection, prevention, education, social and health actions.

The Red Cross is an association of private law, although it is an auxiliary of the public authorities. It assists them while respecting their principles and, in particular, humanity, impartiality and neutrality; independence, volunteerism, unity and universality.

These social inclusion activities are mainly aimed at achieving:

  • Substantial support in terms of food supplies, clothing, hygienic products to families in situation of vulnerability.
  • Payment of receipts to people in situation of vulnerability.
  • Accommodation for people in situation of vulnerability.
  • Telematics accompaniment for people in risk of social inclusion.

The ESSP also wanted to support the Red Cross in providing comprehensive care for women whose situation of vulnerability has to do with their status as women at social risk, as well as elder people to detect situations of isolation and loneliness. Red Cross fights these situations through different types of accompaniment and support, and develops different initiatives whose objective is to promote the autonomy of these people.

As Alejandro Ruiz, technical fundraiser of the Red Cross comments: “The reality is that we need solidarity companies like yours to be able to serve all the people who ask us for support, and a donation like the one you have done has a great impact on many families. For this, we greatly appreciate your collaboration".

ESSP will continue supporting actions around the world.