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PBN + GNSS Training Course
November 29, 2017

ESSP to launch new edition of the GNSS and PBN training course

ESSP, as an expert provider in satellite navigation services, is actually preparing a new course on GNSS and PBN for those individuals and organizations who want to increase their knowledge on this field. This particular training is focused on GNSS systems, services and applications, as well as in PBN specifications and GNSS-based flight procedures implementation. 

After the 2-day course the trainees will be able to understand: 

  •  the concepts and techniques used for GPS positioning, including the different segments (space, ground, user), the contents of the GPS signal, and the different error sources which affect the accuracy of the position computed. 
  •  the limitations of the core constellations, as GPS, to meet the required navigation performance (RNP) levels for some operations, and how the augmentation systems (ABAS, GBAS, SBAS) allow achieving these requirements. 
  • the architecture of SBAS in terms of main segments, systems, functions and interfaces. 
  • the different institutions, stakeholders and organisations involved in the SBAS service provision framework and technical specifications for the implementation of PBN-based flight procedures. 
  • the high complexity process of SBAS-based procedures implementation, among the different multidisciplinary involved actors. 
  •   the full picture about the implementation impact of SBAS-based flight procedures at State level, with a special attention to the ANSP (ATS – CNS – AIS – MET – ASD) point of view. 
  •   the state-of-art of the worldwide implementation of GNSS-based flight procedures.
  •  to depict the on-board perspective with regard to aircraft configuration, avionics architectures, types of equipment, leading manufacturers. 
  •  to learn, through guided exercises, GNSS feasibility assessment techniques. 

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 o ESSP SAS: founded in 2009 by the Air navigation services providers from France (DGAC/DSNA), Germany (DFS), Italy (ENAV)), Portugal (NAV-P), Spain (ENAIRE), Switzerland (skyguide) and UK (NATS) to act as service Provider for the EGNOS system, the European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service.