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Red Cross Ukraine
June 30, 2022

ESSP makes a donation to the Red Cross Organization to help strengthen its work on the Ukrainian borders

Image credits: EU Civil Protection and Humanitarian Aid

Unfortunately, the invasion of Ukraine is not over and we still have to continue to lend a hand to the humanitarian organizations based near Ukraine to help them in their task of receiving and giving help and hope to the Ukrainian citizens who are constantly arriving.

Therefore, ESSP being sensitive to the dramatic situation that is being experienced has decided to take action and send a donation to help the Ukrainian citizens through the French and Spanish humanitarian organization, THE RED CROSS.

The Red Cross has been working since the beginning of the conflict on the borders of neighbouring countries, covering basic and important needs for Ukrainian families fleeing the war.

In the framework of its Corporate Social Responsibility Policy and in this particular context, ESSP has made a financial donation of 20K€ to support this important entity in this difficult year.

As Charlotte Neyret, CEO of ESSP said: "The Red Cross has led the support with the 'Restoring family contact' service that it makes available to the Ukrainian population living in different countries, such as France and Spain, to locate family members with whom they have lost contact since the conflict worsened".

The Red Cross is an association of private law, although it is an auxiliary of the public authorities. It assists them while respecting their principles and, in particular, humanity, impartiality and neutrality; independence, volunteerism, unity and universality.
About ESSP Social Responsibility:
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