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January 07, 2014

New EGNOS Approach Procedures in the Czech Republic, Austria and Finland

As of January 2014, flight  operators can utilise EGNOS approach procedures in the Czech Republic, Austria and Finland.

In the Czech Republic, operators will benefit from LPV (Localiser Performance with Vertical Guidance) approaches in two runway ends at both Brno and Ostrava airports. The Czech Civil Aviation Authority recently approved also the possibility for operators to use EGNOS vertical guidance with Baro-VNAV procedures, which means that four runway ends at Vaclav Havel Airport in Prague will benefit from EGNOS. Design of Baro and LPV procedures for Karlovy Vary Airport is also underway, leveraging the experience at the pioneer airports.

Austria has long been an enthusiastic supporter of EGNOS, and today LPV approach procedures are operational at Linz and Graz airports. “We are pleased to be an early user of the innovative potential of EGNOS,” says Andreas Schallgruber, Head of ATM Operations, AustroControl. “Providing satellite-based augmentation system procedures further augments our excellent service levels and customer relations.” In the near future it is planned to implement additional procedures at other Austrian airports to benefit from EGNOS. Thanks to the experience gained during the implementation at these airports, AustroControl will be able to maintain its pioneer role in publishing innovative satellite-based approach procedures.

The implementation of EGNOS procedures at Finland’s Joensuu Airport was launched in December 2013, shortly after the EGNOS Working Agreement signature between ESSP and Finavia - Finland's Air Navigation Services Provider.


ACCEPTA project

The implementation of these new LPV approaches has been enabled by the EU-funded project ACCEPTA : Accelerating EGNOS Adoption in Aviation. ACCEPTA  aims to procure a wide-scale, real-life adoption of EGNOS-enabled LPV approaches across Europe in areas where the EGNOS signal is available and certified.

ESSP as the EGNOS Services Provider has played an important role within ACCEPTA, supporting the different partners in their way of procedures implementation through feasibility studies and supporting them on the Regulation framework.The project targets 8 airports in 5 European countries.