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February 18, 2014

New EWA signed by London Southend Airport

ESSP and London Southend Airport have recently signed an EGNOS Working Agreement (EWA) as a key step for the implementation of EGNOS-based approach procedures (LPV procedures) to be used at this aerodrome.

From now on, this British ANSP can publish EGNOS-based procedures that will improve safety, accessibility and efficiency to pilots and operators flying to London Southend Airport.

EGNOS provides a cost effective alternative to ILS CAT I, offering similar performance, and increasing safety by allowing Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) approaches at difficult locations or under meteorological conditions where previously such approaches were not possible due to safety concerns.

On top of that, the use of EGNOS is free of charge.

EGNOS procedures are already in place in many European airports. Alderney Airport in the Channel Islands is the pioneer in the UK.

London Southend Airport handled over 31,000 movements last year, ranging in size from light aircraft up to B757. 970,167 passengers passed through the Essex airport between January and December 2013, making it the busiest year in the history of the airport.

The  Airport ‘s  Operations Director David Lister commented: “The introduction of LPV approaches, complementing the LNAV and VNAV approaches shortly to be introduced at London Southend means that the airport will have a range of instrument approaches available to operators, assuring continued operations in all but the most severe weather conditions, even if the Category I ILS is out of service.” 

 It is expected that the new approaches will be published and available from the middle of 2014.