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July 14, 2014

New EWA signed with Storuman Airport

ESSP and Storuman Airport have recently signed an EGNOS Working Agreement (EWA) as a key step for the implementation of EGNOS-based approach procedures (LPV procedures) to be used at this Swedish aerodrome.

EGNOS provides a cost effective alternative to ILS CAT I, offering similar performance, and increasing safety by allowing Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) approaches via APV-1 SBAS  approaches;  in particular at difficult locations or under degraded meteorological conditions where previously only NPA approaches were possible.  

Thierry Racaud, ESSP CEO said “we are happy to have a new member in the EGNOS family. From now on the Storuman Airport can benefit from the publication of EGNOS-based procedures that will improve the airport performance and accessibility, as done in several other European aerodromes”.

From Storuman Airport, Ivan Forsman informed that they are planning to publish an EGNOS-based approach procedure at the end of the current year, which should provide better minima to one of the runways. Actually, the aerodrome just relies in one ILS installed at RWY 33.