SL1. Capacity Building

SL1. Capacity Building

SL1. Capacity Building

ESSP facilitates the acquisition of customer’s capabilities to enable their response to the highly demanding operational and regulatory challenges in Aviation.

After ESSP’s capacity building process - divided into three sub-services - the coached organisation will be able to successfully take over the PBN implementation by its own means.


Training courseTraining course BasicTraining course Advanced
PBN course1 day2 day
GNSS+PBN course2 day4 day
GNSS multimodal applications2 day4 day
GNSS systems and receivers2 day
GNSS+PBN awareness session for ATCOs2 day
eTOD traing course1 day
ADQ training course1 day 

ESSP also offers tailored GNSS applications trainings for any further specific needs.

SL1. Capacity Building



ESSP trains the customer to answer all questions related to PBN, identifying the stakeholders involved and which are the operational, economic, safety, capacity and accessibility needs to be covered. ESSP also teaches the customer through the assessment of what is the most suitable PBN solution, the most beneficial scenarios and how this solution can be articulated.


The customer is trained and coached in any of the steps required to effectively implement a PBN specification.

  • Environmental assessment
  • GNSS ground monitoring and validation
  • Flight validation
  • Airspace and flight procedure design
  • Safety assessment
  • Airspace / operational concept validation