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Performance Based Navigation is the broad term used to describe the technologies allowing aircraft to fl­y fl­exible, accurate, repeatable and 4D fl­ight paths. The navigation techniques based on the PBN concept allow aircraft to use the state-of-the-art on-board navigation systems based on GNSS for all phases of the fl­ight. ESSP benefits of its wide experience in Satellite Navigation to provide tailored technical solutions for PBN implementation. ESSP‑ gathers a sound expertise in RNP APCH and PBN implementation activities offering‑ a wide range of consulting services, providing solutions tailored to the customers’ needs and combining its strong skills in different fields of expertise.

Our Consultancy Services for Aviation is aimed to support ANSPs, CAAs, NSAs and airport operators, offering comprehensive and innovative solutions for paving the way towards the future CNS/ATM.

Our PBN consultancy services are structured and tailored to customers’ needs for support for each phase of the lifecycle of a PBN implementation.

These services are described below and also in our 📘BROCHURE:

Enjoy the available Online LPV Flight Simulator to better understand the benefits of RNP APCH procedures and how ESSP could help your business in PBN.

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