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EGNOS in Slovak Republic
February 05, 2015

EGNOS landing in the Slovak Republic

From February 5th, two airports in the Slovak Republic will be able to use EGNOS-based approach procedures in their runways.

The Airports of Bratislava-M. R. Stefanik  and Kosice are the first ones in the Slovak Republic to publish these type of procedures that will allow a safer and more efficient air navigation.

EGNOS-based flight procedures (LPV) are already in use in more than 140 airports across Europe, providing a cost effective alternative equivalent to conventional ILS CAT I Instrument Landing procedures. LPV procedures offer similar performance without the need for significant on-site infrastructure installation and maintenance. For these reasons, they are becoming a very valuable navigation aid to small and medium-size airports, increasing safety and accessibility to those aerodromes.

The publication of LPV procedures at these Slovak airports has been possible through the funding of ACCEPTA, a European grant given by the GSA (European GNSS Agency) to foster the use of EGNOS in the Aviation domain.

Rastislav Primus, Head of ATM Planning and Procedures Department at LPS SR (Slovakian Air Navigation Services Provider) is the person in charge of coordinating the process for the publication “This has been a very demanding project” he emphasizes, “the introduction of LPV procedures has required the involvement of many professionals at LPS SR,  but also the collaboration and commitment of our Transport Authority”.

LPS intends to implement the use of EGNOS in three more Slovak airports in the next two years.