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December 22, 2014

New v2.1 EGNOS Service Definition Documents

The EC has released today a new version of each of the three EGNOS Service Definition Documents (SDD) already made available for the EGNOS users:

 These are the current versions in force for each of the EGNOS SDDs.

 The EGNOS Service Definition Document (SDD) describes the characteristics and conditions of access to the corresponding EGNOS service offered to users. Each SDD also contains updated information about the EGNOS system architecture and Signal-In-Space (SIS) characteristics, the service performance achieved, EGNOS interfaces with users and provides information on the established technical and organizational framework, at European level, for the provision of this service.

The first version of each SDD was published when each of the EGNOS Service was declared operational (1st October 2009, 2nd March 2011 and 26th July 2012 respectively for Open Service, Safety-of-Life and EDAS). New SDD versions -like the ones published today- are periodically published to reflect the significant changes in the EGNOS service.