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First EGNOS-based approaches implemented in Hungary
September 23, 2016

First EGNOS-based approaches implemented in Hungary

The European Satellite Services Provider (ESSP) announces that on 15th September, the first EGNOS-based approaches implemented in Hungarian territory became effective at Budapest Airport. The publication of these procedures has been possible thanks to the work performed in the framework of Budapest 2.0 project, funded by SESAR Joint Undertaking.

Serving all of the four Precision Approach thresholds at Budapest Airport, the new Localiser Performance with Vertical guidance approaches are based on the EGNOS LPV-200 service level. These LPV-200 approaches have been designed and validated in July 2016. Once validated, the procedures were submitted to the AIS department of HungaroControl for publication in their national AIP.

LPV-200 enables aircraft approach procedures that are operationally equivalent to a CAT I instrument landing system (ILS) procedures. This allows for vertically guided approaches with a Decision Height (DH) down to 200 feet above the runway (LPV minima as low as 200 feet).

In fact, the publication of LPV-200 procedures provides numerous benefits, including:
  • Reduced delays, diversions and cancellations thanks, to the lower minima, potentially reducing the operational costs for flying to this destination.
  • Increased continuity of airport operations in case of ILS outage or maintenance.
  • Enhanced safety levels, as the LPV-200 procedure effectively can serve as a back-up to the ILS (and as a primary one if there is none).
  • Improved efficiency of operations, lowering fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and decreasing aviation’s environmental impact.
“The EGNOS LPV200 Service provides the means to implement the most cost effective CAT I approach procedures” says ESSP’s CEO Thierry Racaud.

Mr. Gyula Hangyál, Director of ATM at HungaroControl, the Hungarian Air navigation Service Provider, added: “The LPV-200 approach procedures implemented at Budapest provide a reliable and performing approach solution that will guarantee the continuity of the airport operations. Following this first implementation, LPV procedures will be deployed for other airports in our country".

This achievement is a result of Budapest 2.0 partners HungaroControl, Pildo Labs and Jetstream.
ESSP is the EGNOS Service Provider, under contract with the GSA.

HungaroControl Hungarian Air Navigation Services Pte. Ltd. Co. is one of the renowned service providers in international aviation, and an active regional initiator and co-operating partner of the European Union’s integration efforts under the Single European Sky.

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Download the Press Release here [PDF].