Datalink Service Engineer (F/M)

July 03, 2019

Within the Service & GNSS Projects Development Department, the Datalink Service Engineer supports ESSP activities in the on-going projects linked to Data Link Services.

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Cybersecurity Engineer (M/F)

Cybersecurity Engineer (F/M)

June 02, 2019

Being part of the Security Team and reporting directly to the Chief Security Officer, the Cybersecurity Engineer will be in charge of activities related to the Security Department missions, to the benefit of ESSP or its Customers.
Those activities range from the design, the qualification, the implementation and the operation of security solutions to security expertise provided to Projects, IT and Operational Teams or to our Customers.
The Cybersecurity Engineer will do security risk analyses and proposes security measures for mitigating risks; he/she will also able to deliver security studies requiring its unique technological or methodological expertise.

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Marketing and Promotion Expert_ESSP Website

Aviation Market and Promotion Expert (F/M)

June 02, 2019

Is in charge of supporting the definition and execution of the EGNOS Multimodal Adoption (EMA) and implementation plan and responsible for the coordination of the aviation market segment activities done in the frame of EMA.

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CNS Business Development Coordinator (F/M)

November 20, 2018

Being part of the Strategy and Business Development Team and report directly to the Strategy and Business Development Manager, the CNS Business Development Coordinator Support ESSP business development in Communication Navigation Surveillance (CNS) services.

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Planet earth

GNSS Engineer (F/M)

October 18, 2018

To support ENAIRE in the preparation of the infrastructures and subsequent hosting and deployment of new EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) V3 equipment. In addition, this service will require to assist in the preparation of the contractual hosting processes of the six EGNOS V3 facilities: 5 RIMS (Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station) and 1 MCC (Mission Control Center).

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EDAS Service Expert (M/F)

February 13, 2018

Report directly to the Customer & Data Services Manager, the EDAS Service Expert is Responsible for the EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) services provision including the daily operation and maintenance and the evolution of the EDAS system and services.

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Mission Performance & Space Weather Engineer (M/F)

July 27, 2017

Report directly to Mission Technical Manager, the Mission Performance and Space Weather Engineer will be responsible for the Operation of Mission Performance Tools to execute data processing with the aim of predicting, monitoring, doing a first analysis and reporting EGNOS Mission performance. He/ She will also support activities related to understand and mitigate the effect of space Weather events in EGNOS performance.

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