Information Security Compliance Responsible

Information Security Compliance Responsible – (F/M)

February 24, 2021

The Information Security Compliance Responsible is responsible for maintaining ESSP's compliance with information security requirements, whether relating to the company management system, standards (notably ISO 27001) or evolutions in the legal or regulatory framework (Ministries, EASA or other).

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Accounting Assistant - (F/M)

February 03, 2021

In the context of her/his mission, the Accounting Assistant ensures the support of accounting and financial activities to allow the Team in place to work on the others activities development.

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People & Infrastructures Security Engineer – (F/M)

February 03, 2021

The People & Infrastructures Security Engineer manages health and safety issues at work, the security of the Company's infrastructures and ensures the Company's compliance with applicable laws and regulations on health and safety.

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security and cybersecurity

Security Risk Analyst (F/M)

January 27, 2021

Under the responsibility of the CSO, the Security Risk Analyst assesses the security risks and defines the architectures, technical solutions and/or procedures required for risk mitigation and integrating with the ESSP Information Security Management System (ISMS), notably for the management of vulnerabilities and the prevention of security threats.

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Site Officer - (F/M)

December 10, 2020

The Site Officer is in charge of the monitoring of hosting, maintenance and operations services of the EGNOS remote sites. This position includes the monitoring of Service Level Agreements (SLA), the management of technical documentation, oversight site visits, as well as the management of sites creation and modification projects.

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GNSS Data Service Expert - (F/M)

December 04, 2020

Responsible for the EDAS (EGNOS Data Access Service) services provision including the daily operation and maintenance and the evolution of the EDAS system and services.

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service adoption expert

EGNOS Aviation Applications Expert - (F/M)

May 06, 2020

In charge of the definition and implementation of the EGNOS adoption actions in support to the Customer in the frame of the “EGNOS Multimodal Adoption Plan”. In charge of the implementation of EGNOS promotion activities in support to the Customer and in coordination with the ESSP Communication Officer

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Planet earth

GNSS Engineer (F/M)

October 18, 2018

To support ENAIRE in the preparation of the infrastructures and subsequent hosting and deployment of new EGNOS (European Geostationary Navigation Overlay Service) V3 equipment. In addition, this service will require to assist in the preparation of the contractual hosting processes of the six EGNOS V3 facilities: 5 RIMS (Ranging and Integrity Monitoring Station) and 1 MCC (Mission Control Center).

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